1. Please give all measurements so a full picture of your figure can be attained.
  2. Have someone else measure you. Twice.
  3. Stay as still as possible while being measured.
  4. Please note any particulars in figure. i.e. spine curvatures, tilted shoulders, slumping upper back, one arm longer than the other, protruding belly, pregnancy, any concerns, etc.
  5. Wear undergarments that will be worn with garment.
  6. Wear Heals that will be worn with garment.

  1. ____Bust (widest part of back, underarms, across full bust line)
  2. ____High Bust (above full bust line)
  3. ____Low Bust (below full bust line)
  4. ____Bust point (between apex of bust)
  5. ____Bust shoulder length (from base of neck to apex of bust)
  6. ____Bra size
  7. ____Waist (use string or elastic at natural indentation)
  8. ____Hip (7-9 below waist around fullest part, make note of distance ___)
  9. ____High Hip (around flattest part of the hip)
  10. ____Neck circumference (around base of neck)
  11. ____Back neck to waist length (most prominent bone at base of neck down to waist line)
  12. ____Shoulder width (across back between shoulder bones)
  13. ____Shoulder length (from base of neck to shoulder bone shrug shoulder to find base of neck)
  14. ____Height
  15. ____Waist to knee (from back)
  16. ____Waist to knee (from side)
  17. ____Waist to floor (from back)
  18. ____Waist to floor (from side)
  19. ____Neck to floor (from back)
  20. ____Shoulder to elbow (with hand on hip)
  21. ____Elbow to wrist (with hand on hip)
  22. ____Shoulder bone to wrist bone
  23. ____Wrist circumference
  24. ____Hand circumference
  25. ____Crotch length (from waist back, through legs to waist front note point of front ____ and back ____length)
  26. ____Crotch depth (sit on a firm chair, feet flat, measure from waist to chair seat)
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