1. PAYMENT: Full payment of all materials must be received before project is started. One half payment of labor by check or cash must be received before project is started. Cash or check will be accepted as payment during the process of the project. All labor, taxes, shipping will be paid in full when project is complete and before item leaves possession of Caviar Couture. Only cash will be accepted as final payment at time of pick up. All deposits are non-refundable. Any uncut material will be relinquished to the client at time of completion. When project is in progress it and any materials used will not be relinquished unless total labor cost initially agreed upon is paid in full.
  2. MATERIALS: All materials shall be supplied before project is started. All fabric should be treated (cleaned) as it would be treated after it is worn, i.e.: washed, dried, dry-cleaned. All fabrics shall be cleaned and pressed. Any faults in the material will be noted when received.
  3. STORAGE: The client will be given an estimated time of project completion. The client will be called if there will be any unforeseen delays. The client will be called when the item is completed. It is the responsibility of the client to make an appointment within 2 weeks of completion to pick up the item. If the item is held longer then 2 weeks a $20.00 storage fee will be charged to the client. $10.00 will be charged for each additional week there after. The item will not be released to the client until the final payment and storage fee is paid in full.
  4. ALTERATIONS: Once project is completed any further alterations will be charged accordingly.
  5. FITTINGS: At time of measurements, client will have undergarments that will be used with garment. At time of fittings, client will have undergarments used with garment. Measurements or fittings will not be done if undergarments are not present. Hemming will not be done if shoes being used are not available. If similar shoes are used there will be no adjusting of hemline without additional cost to client.
  6. HYGENE: Client will be clean when being fitted. No heavy makeup, perfumes, sunscreen, oils, etc shall be worn during fittings.
  7. APPOINTMENT: Clients are seen by appointment only. Clients shall call if they are running late (15 minutes) or need to reschedule or cancel.
  8. PHOTO RELEASE: A photo will be taken at the completion of the project.
    ____ Photo can be used for marketing purposes i.e. brochures, web page, advertising, not inclusive, without compensation.
    ____ Photo cannot be used for marketing purposes except in portfolio album for future clients, without compensation.
    ____ Photo cannot be used in portfolio album for future clients.

Mahalo, Rosemarie E. Labanowski

This is for informational purposes only. An agreement form will be mailed to you.
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